Welcome to St. Mel’s College. Thank you for considering placing your son’s educational, emotional and holistic development in our care. The bond of trust that we enter into is not taken lightly by any of our team. We will endeavour to ease any anxieties as your son makes the transition from Primary to Secondary school. Kindness and respect are at the core of our school community and influence every decision we make as we provide a caring, safe environment for your son.

We have a unique atmosphere here in St. Mel’s where our staff strives to motivate and support every student to reach his full potential. This is achieved through the warm, caring and welcoming environment evident from the moment you walk through the gates of St. Mel’s College. Although we are located within the town, we are very much self-contained on beautiful grounds surrounded by trees, green fields and an array of sporting facilities. It is a perfect setting for your child’s gifts and talents to be nurtured by an exceptional staff, as he embarks on his secondary school journey.

St. Mel’s will provide your son with the broadest array of opportunities, both within and outside the classroom. Each member of our team goes above and beyond to ensure that our pupils are equipped with coping mechanisms. In today’s world, we all face challenges that life will present from time to time. We are powerful advocates of mindfulness and positive wellbeing. There is a really close bond between our teachers and our pupils. We are a “Telling School” and have embraced a culture where we always have someone to talk to, somebody to confide in through our pastoral approach. Our door is always open. As a result, we all become more trusting and understand that it is perfectly normal to have worries and concerns. By talking to each other, we learn how to bounce back and to become resilient.

The success of our pupils is dependent on the exceptionally strong link between parents, pupils and teachers. This is your son’s home for seven hours every day. We will do everything possible to ensure that your son is safe. It is our aim that your son will be fulfilled. It is our vision that he will reach his full academic potential. It is our guarantee that he will be made feel welcome, he will be respected and will be treated with kindness. It is our hope, above all else, that your son will be happy in St. Mel’s College. That is all any parent could wish for!

Malachy Flanagan


Aug 23
1st Year Students Return Half Day
Aug 26
6th Year Students Return to School
Aug 26
1st Years Half Day
Aug 27
2nd & 3rd Years Return to School
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