School Uniform

The uniform of St. Mel’s College is very much part of our identity as a community and it reflects the personal attitude of the student towards himself and his school community. All students are expected to attend school wearing the full uniform properly and to be neat and tidy in appearance. Students must be in full uniform when being admitted to class. The wearing of the correct and complete uniform is an important part of school discipline. The school uniform consists of the following

  • Blue Jumper with school crest
  • Blue Shirt
  • Grey Trousers
  • All Black Shoes

The onus is on parents and students to ensure that the proper and complete uniform is worn at all times. Students should present a neat and tidy appearance in school. The collar of the shirt must be worn turned down. Hair must be worn in manner that presents an overall clean tidy appearance.


T-shirts or other multicoloured items of clothing will be not be permitted. No part of the uniform may be defaced in any way. Jackets, sweat-shirts coats etc, may not be worn in class or substituted for the proper school jumper.

Full school uniform must always be worn in school and at any school event such as debates, quizzes, football games, school tours etc.

Any variances are at the discretion of the Principal.

Students who present themselves without full uniform will be sanctioned. Parents of repeat offenders will be contacted and asked to bring in clothing for their son in order to dress in the proper uniform.

The following are not permitted; body piercing jewellery, chains, and necklaces.

Aug 23
1st Year Students Return Half Day
Aug 26
6th Year Students Return to School
Aug 26
1st Years Half Day
Aug 27
2nd & 3rd Years Return to School
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