Junior Cycle Framework


New Junior Cycle Framework

As you are probably aware Junior Cycle Reform has been happening on a phased basis in the Irish Post Primary School System since 2015. All subjects are now under the new Junior Cycle Framework.

Your son will sit all subjects English, Irish, Maths, Science, Business, Modern Foreign Language (French/ German), Wood Technology, Applied Technology, Graphics, History and Geography under the New Framework.

The main change for these subjects under the New Framework lies in the area of Assessment.


  1. 2 school Classroom Based Assessments (CBA)
  • First one conducted in year two of junior Cycle
  • Second one conducted in year three of Junior Cycle.

Four Levels of Achievement called Descriptors are awarded and reported on to students and parents.

The Four Descriptors are:


Above Expectations

In Line with Expectations

Yet to meet Expectations

  1. State Certified Examinations
  • Written Assessment Task

: Takes place in school

: Spring of Year 3

: Corrected by State Examinations Commission

  • Two Hour Written Exam

: Set at Higher or Ordinary Level (English, Irish and Maths) and Common level (all other subjects)

: In June, in line with current practice

: Corrected by the State Examinations Commission.

Five Grades Awarded As Follows

  • Distinction 90-100%
  • Higher Merit 75-89%
  • Merit 55-74%
  • Achieved 40- 54%
  • Partially Achieved 20 – 39%

Results of State Certified Examinations will be published in September after sitting Junior Cycle Examinations in line with current practice.

This will be followed by a School report called, the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) issued to students and parents in November of the same year.

The Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) will contain the following information

  • Grades of State Certified Exams
  • Descriptors for Classroom Based Assessments
  • Descriptors for Wellbeing (C.S.P.E., S.P.H.E. and P.E.)
  • Achievement in other Areas of Learning
  • Descriptors for Priority Learning Units and Short Courses in the case of Level 2 Learning Programmes.

Full details available on the following website: www.curriculumonline.ie

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