Frequently Asked Questions

What is the St. Mel’s School Uniform?

See the Code of Conduct for a full description of the uniform.

Does my son have to wear black shoes?

Yes, black footwear is stated as part of the school uniform.

Where I can buy my son’s school uniform?

Durkins is the school outfitters.

Are second hand uniforms available?

We suggest that items such as school jackets can be sourced second hand as older boys grow out of them.

When will I get my son’s book list?

The book list will be sent out with the 1st Year Welcome Pack in late June each year..

Can my son use second hand books?

Some subjects specify an edition of a textbook that is required, for other subjects it is possible to use second hand books. These can be sourced on-line, from older students or from outlets such as The Den.

What time and where will the bus drop off my son?

Most buses drop the boys in outside St. Josephs National School (opposite Lidl) at approx. 8.30 am.

What can my son do in the morning before school starts?

The canteen is open before school and has breakfast items such as toast/cereals/juices/fruit available complementary. The assembly hall is also open for boys to meet friends and chat, this is supervised from 8.15am. The handball alleys are open also.

What time does the school day end?

The last lesson finishes at 4.05pm, this allows boys time to visit their locker before catching the bus. On Fridays school finishes at 1-20pm.

Will my son have to sit an entrance exam?

For the year 2021/22 the College 1st year aptitude tests (CATs) will be in September 2021.
Information accessed from primary school Passports will be used to generate mixed ability classes.

Are study facilities available for my son?

Evening study is run from Monday to Friday after school.

What can my son do at lunchtime?

First, Second and Third year students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lunchtime.

However the Canteen is available at lunchtime for hot meals and sandwiches/rolls etc.
To keep students occupied there is a library, games room and a range of sporting activities offered.

How can my son join school sports teams?

Team coaches hold regular trials and training sessions at lunchtimes and select their team from boys who show commitment to these training sessions. Announcements are made through the school intercom and are on the Sports noticeboard.

How much homework will my son get each evening?

St. Mel’s College has a prescribed homework policy and this will be outlined to your son during his first term.

How do I make contact with my son’s teachers?

All official enquiries should come through the office who will pass on messages to teachers.All students will be given a specific student email and they will be able to have digital contact with their teachers through google classroom and email.

How much does the school bus cost and how do I find out if I am on a bus route?

Transport arrangements are controlled by Bus Eireann and applications forms can be downloaded from the Bus Eireann website (under Athlone, School Transport Ph: 0906473277)

Are tours available in the school?

Yes, Junior Cycle tours include outdoor pursuit’s trip and an overseas premiership football tour

What language will my son study for Junior Certificate?

Students will be given a choice of French or German when enrolling and this choice will be considered where possible.

Do St. Mel’s College operate a text alert system?

Yes. The school uses this to inform parents about school events such as parent teacher meetings or changes to the school calendar. It is also used to monitor student attendance and parents are alerted by text each morning their son is absent from school.The school also uses the VS Ware Mail system to send out correspondance to parents/guardians.

Will my son have a school journal?

St. Mel’s College has its own school diary. This is used to record homework and is a valuable communication tool between the school and parents with slips for school absence and place for parent and teacher notes etc.

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