Transition Year Admissions Policy and Procedures

In St Mel’s College, Transition Year is an option for all Third Year students. Limited teacher resources, the specific requirements of practical subjects and room availability limit its size to classes of 24 students.

Application Process

A meeting of Third Year parents is convened at which the concept of Transition Year is explained. During this meeting, the parents are informed of the format of Transition Year in St Mel’s College. The application and selection process is explained.

  1. All Third Year classes are provided with a similar presentation.
  2. To apply for a place in Transition Year
  • Students are required to submit a detailed application form on or before the deadline date. This Application Form will outline some research into the Transition Year Programme. It will also outline the commitment that they will give if they are offered and accept a place. It will be impressed upon applicants that this is a critical factor in the application process.
  • Fully completed applications must be handed to the TY Co-ordinator in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the student’s name and class.

Selection Process

  1. The T.Y. Admissions Committee will be responsible for assessing applications and offering places. The committee will comprise of the Programme Coordinator, Principal and a member of the TY Core Committee.
  2. The criteria to be taken into consideration in this selection process include:
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Proven engagement with all aspects of school life, inside and outside the classroom
  • School assessment of the ability of a student to work as part of a group
  • School assessment of the ability of a student to undertake individual learning
  • Age (Please note that age is only one factor in the selection process and is not the first arbiter of selection)
  1. The criteria outlined above, the Application Form, and the Professional Advice and Judgements of the teaching staff will be critical factors in determining a student’s admission on to the Transition Year Programme.
  2. The Transition Year Admissions Committee reserves the right to interview students in relation to their application and their suitability for participation.
  3. Where there are more applicants than places available and students are deemed to be equally weighted, an independently verified random selection process will apply.
  4. Students and parents will be informed in writing of the outcome of the Transition Year application process.
  5. Exceptional cases may be decided at the discretion of the Principal.
  6. Students who are offered the opportunity to progress directly into Fifth Year may choose to discuss the decision making process with the Transition Year Admissions Committee and / or School Management.

Please note that, in the event of there being more places available for Transition Year than applicants, places will be offered only to students for whom School Management believes the programme to be suitable as set out in the above criteria.

Students will pay 50% of the TY fee in April of their 3rd Year and the remaining 50% will be paid in the first week of TY.

The school reserves the right to remove a student from the Programme if there is non- engagement in the curriculum by students. This includes non-participation in the work experience programme, curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students who start on the TY course and then wish to change to 5th year are not guaranteed of a place in 5th year and if there is a place available the student may not be able to choose certain subjects due to class numbers. Students will forfeit their deposits for TY if they change to 5th year.

This Policy was ratified by the Board of Management at their meeting on 13th June 2016.

Chairman of the Board of Management

Mr Conal Gibbons

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