TY Activities 2019


The 2018/19 TY Class have had a wonderful year where they experience a wide variety of activities which took place in the school and outside the school. there were a large number of opportunities for the students to direct their own learning which will benefit them greatly in the years ahead.The following is a taste of the experiences gained in the action packed year.

Derrycasson Orienteering Trip 

The TYs had their first trip of the year on Wednesday 5 September. They visited Derrycastle Forest where Mr. Quinn and Mr. Rooney had an orienteering competition organized for the lads. The winning team received prizes and the students really enjoyed the day.

Cuilcagh Mountains Trip 

The TY students had a great day out at the Cuilcagh Mountains in Fermanagh on Monday 10 September. The poor weather conditions on the day did not hold the group back and impressively, they walked a distance of 14.8km. The group had mass at the top of the mountain. Thanks to Mr. Farrell, Fr. McGrath, Colette Reynolds and Nicole Rowley for making the climb with the students.  

Shout-Out Talk 

On Monday 24 September the three classes listened to a talk from two Shout Out representatives. Shout Out is an organization supporting the LGBT+ community and the lads learned a lot from the guest speakers during the talk.   

Volunteering Talk 

The three TY classes had a Volunteer Workshop on Thursday 27 September. A representative from the Localized Volunteer Center presented a workshop on the importance and the skills necessary for volunteering. The students found this very interesting and will carry through everything they learned from the talk when they begin volunteering in different areas later in the year. 


Transition year students have been attending Alpha over the last number of weeks! This interactive course involves watching videos and having discussions. There is a great confidence building atmosphere which is benefiting all involved. TY’s are enjoying the course along with the tea and biscuits supplied!!  


The three TY classes all started their golf module recently. All three of the classes are getting used to the swing of things at the driving range at the Longford Golf Club and they are all having fun learning the basics of the sport of golf.  


TYs were introduced to the horticulture module as part of their personal development. They studied the nature around the school and also throughout the town of Longford. This course was presented by Brendan Farrell,past pupil and Horticulturist.





Transition year students have begun their enterprise projects!!! An enterprise workshop took place last Tuesday in the school. It was a big success, generating a great buzz for the projects. Huge thanks to Martina Glennon and Mr. Clyne. Three teams entered the Co Longford Enterprise Awards.

Maths Week – 1st Year Quiz

Visual Impairment Workshop 

The TY classes recently had a workshop with Kathryn Merry. She taught them about her visual impairment and she also showed them how to read braille using her braille machine. The TY’s were all great listeners and were very interested in what Kathryn had to say. Thanks to Kathryn for visiting the school.  

Student Leader Programme  

The TY’s ran a very successful programme with the 1st years to try and increase things like team skills and including everyone. Last Thursday, all the 1st year groups took part in 6 games all aimed at these skills. A survey was held after the event with each group asking core questions about the main skills of what is needed for a team to function. We would like to thank all our “student leaders” for helping out at the event.    

TY Jackets  

The TY’s recently received their new TY jackets. The jackets are kindly sponsored by Reynolds Catering. The jackets have been well received by the student body and staff alike.  

Bank of Ireland School Bank 

The Bank of Ireland school bank was open at lunchtime every day from Monday 05 November to Thursday 08 November. Nine TY students ran the school bank with various roles. These students promoted the bank and assisted other students in the school who wished to open an account and order a Visa Debit Card. This was a great experience for all the TYs involved. Many thanks to Brian McCarthy, the Bank of Ireland representative, for overseeing the School Bank during the week. 

IT Sligo 

The TY students got to the experience to see what IT Sligo had to offer. They were given a handout of all the courses the IT offers and heard about some stories of graduates from the IT. We would like to thank Dara McGoldrick for coming to the school and for speaking with our students. 




Beat the Blues 

All of the TY students had a talk which discussed the differences between depression and anxiety. They were also informed about how to spot if someone or you are going though either depression, anxiety or bipolar. It was a very useful talk that all of the TY’s enjoyed. 

Karate Lessons 

TY Class 4C has been taking Karate and Self-Defense lessons lately. This is an important experience for the students to learn how to defend themselves if they face conflict. With an extremely skilled instructor teaching the students some of the key elements of self-defense, they will always have these skills if they need them, but hopefully not! 

Battle of the Wits Quiz 

Ty Students Adam Cox, David Keenan, Jack Shaw and Leon Doyle represented the school at the county final of the Battle of the Wits Quiz in Granard. The lads did well to come in 5th place against very strong competition so well done to the boys and thanks to Ms. Caroline for supervising at the quiz 


Last Thursday TY students made the trip to the RDS in Dublin to attend Zeminar, a social enterprise created to bring all those invested in the development and well-being of young people in Ireland to one place. The students received talks and interviews from the likes of Richie Sadler, Philly McMahon, Elain Byrnes and Shane Supple. There were also workshops and fun activities. Overall it was a great day for all the lads.  

Lifesaving/Swimming Classes 

TY students are taking Lifesaving classes in the Mall swimming pool at the moment. The students are improving their swimming and learning invaluable lessons on water safety. This may encourage some students to consider seeking a job as a lifeguard in the future. Every student will have these skills for the future. 

Knock Trip 

All the T.Y students went on a trip to Knock Shrine last Wednesday. Despite the bad weather, the lads’ moods weren’t dampened and they all enjoyed the day. It was a very interactive experience with a very personal approach. They got to see the basilica there and a museum showcasing a timeline of the events of Knock. Overall it was a great day enjoyed by everyone. 




Media Studies 

Transition years are undergoing Media Studies as part of their personal development course. This subject involves many areas of technology including privacy online, how to correctly use websites and apps and how to give presentations. Once the Ty’s have finished the course they will be breaking up into groups to run a workshop for “non-liners”!  The workshop will allow anybody who struggles with technology to come along and improve their skills. Huge thanks to John Lynch for teaching the subject and making this course available. 


The T.Y classes have been given the experience of meditation with the Yoga module. It has given the students the ability to increase their mental capacity. It is a great exercise for the lads and also gives the lads an opportunity to experience the relaxation that comes with doing yoga. We would like to thank Shay for coming into the school and giving the lads this opportunity. 

Christmas Trip to Dundrum 

TY’s went ice skating in Dundrum shopping center last Wednesday, December 12th. At the start everyone seemed weary but soon found their feet. After the ice skating the rest of the day was spent shopping. This was the last outing of 2018 for the lads which was thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to Mr. Quinn and Mr. Rooney for accompanying the lads on the trip. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! 

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 

Transition Year students attended the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition on last Thursday, January 10th in the RDS. This was the 55th year of the exhibition with thousands of projects being shown. The lads all enjoyed visiting stands and chatting with the competitors. The day was a great success. Thanks to Mr. Enright and Ms. Cassidy for bringing the lads. 

Hair Square  

Some of the T.Y class got the experience of going to Hair Square to learn about how to keep their skin healthy last week. It was a very enjoyable experience for everyone and a new challenge for the lads to undertake. Everyone got a full face care treatment and it was a very fun class all around. We would like to thank Collette Reynolds for allowing the lads to learn and experience sample skincare routines. 

CPR Lessons 

On Monday 14 January the TY’s were given classes on CPR. The lads learned how to react in life-threatening situations and the procedure to treat a person in trouble, such as chest compressions and the use of a defibrillator. This was a hugely beneficial class for the students, and they will now be trained for any life-threatening situations, but hopefully they will not be in any! 



Fitness Factory 

The TY students have started to go to the Fitness Factory gym as part of their P.E. classes. They are doing circuits which not only build physical strength but also mental strength and teamwork. The lads are all enjoying the experience, although finding it challenging. 

St. Joseph’s Care Centre 

Transition Year students are attending St. Joseph’s Care Centre every week. A group of students go to the Care Centre to assist the patients during games and talk to them over lunch. They also take part in the quizzes held after lunch. This is a great opportunity for students to experience volunteering first-hand and hopefully their time in St. Joseph’s will encourage them to take on more volunteer work in the future. Many thanks to all staff in St. Joseph’s for taking the students on a weekly basis. 


The TY classes had the chance to take part in photography classes over the last few weeks. They learned how to take different cinematic shots from different angles and with different cameras. They also tried to recreate some famous movie shots. Sincere thanks to Shelley Corcoran for giving the T.Y classes this opportunity 

Cooking Classes 

The TY classes also had the chance to learn how to cook some quick and simple dishes over the last few weeks as well. They started off by cooking a margarita pizza and then moved on to a Thai green curry. The lads have thoroughly enjoyed cooking so far and look forward to spending more time in the school kitchen. Thanks to Ms. Keegan for running the cooking classes with the TY’s. 

European Parliament Ambassador School  

A group of Transition Years have been taking part in the European Parliament Ambassador School Committee since the start of the year. Mr. O’Connell runs the committee and the students have entered competitions to win a trip to the European Parliament in Brussels. The committee presented the European Union Flag to Mr. Rowley recently. Vice President of the EU Parliament Mairead McGuinness will also visit the school in the next few weeks having been invited by the students participating in the programme. 


Transition Year students are finished their Alpha program. The lads have been doing Alpha since the start of the year. All of the students enjoyed the great experience of this programme.




Sports Leadership 

The TYs had their sports leadership course this week. This was a three-day coaching course made up of both practical and classroom work. The lads had to plan a coaching session and deliver it to our first years. Everyone was very involved in the course and are waiting to receive their coaching certificate. Well done to all the lads and thanks to James and Patricia from Sports Leaders UK for running the course. 

Personal Safety Talk 

The Transition Years had a Personal Safety Talk from Alex Walsh, Director of Personal Safety Ireland. Alex told the lads about his tough upbringing in London, overcoming his early struggles and his experiences in the police. He also educated them about the importance of consent and the consequences that poor decisions can have on people. After the talk, Alex showed the students different self-defense techniques that they practiced. This was a superb talk for the TY students. They really enjoyed the talk, found it real and honest, and it changed their perspectives on a number of topical issues. Thanks to Alex for visiting the school and giving this talk to the TYs. 

RSA Workshop 

We would like to thank Naomi and Tim from the RSA for coming to the school last week and educating the T.Y and 5th year classes on safer driving through many interactive activities such as virtual reality simulations of drivers main faults on the road and a simulation of what being inside of a rolling car feels like and why it is necessary to wear your seatbelt when you’re inside of a car. They also showed real life examples of “crashed lives“ and the impact that dangerous driving has on the families involved. It was a very educational experience for our future drivers and was enjoyed by all. 

Soccer Tournament 

The TYs participated in a soccer tournament at the Mall on Thursday 14 March in aid of Youth Bank with LEAP project. The lads were in action against Templemichael & Youthreach. Shout to Eoghan Smith who scored a very special goal…for Templemichael!! St. Mel’s 2 lost the final on penalties to Youthreach. Well done to everyone involved and we hope that more events like this will take place in the future. 

Driving Lessons 

The T.Y classes have all been able to experience what it feels like to be in control of a car for the first time and learn about the responsibility that comes with learning how to drive. 

Enterprise Awards 

Congratulations to Iarlaith O’Rourke and Paco Perez on winning an award at the county final of the Student Enterprise Awards in the Longford Arms Hotel last Thursday. They were the recipients of the Special Merit award for their project, Mel’s Messages. It was a popular project within the convention and that shone through with the award win. A big thanks also to Mr. Clyne on allowing the T.Y students to enter the Student Enterprise Awards this year.  

Young Economist of the Year Competition 

Our TY’s are just finishing up their entries for the Young Economist of the Year competition. The event will take place in the RDS arena in Dublin in May and the TY’s have put a lot of effort into this and their projects cover a wide spectrum of ideas. Thanks to Mr. Clyne for his support to the students with their projects. 

Credit Union Clued-In Programme 

The Transition Years have been taking place in the Clued-In Programme provided by the Credit Union. The students learned all about financial stability, being money wise and the key aspects of saving in banks and Credit Unions. This is an excellent programme and the lads are finding it very beneficial for managing their finances both now and in the future. Thanks to Mr.Clyne for running Clued-In with the TY’s, and to Leana Shaw from the Credit Union Longford Branch for giving a talk.  


For the next 6 weeks, thirty of our TY students will be partaking in a Kayaking Program in Clondaragh, Co. Roscommon. This course will take place every Thursday morning and finishes around 12. The lads were extremely happy after completing the first week and, although they were incredibly tired, they are looking forward to the coming weeks. The activities included learning how to paddle efficiently, how to move forwards and backwards, what to do if you unfortunately capsize, and our personal favourite, jumping from boat to boat.

Croke Park/Kilmainham Jail Trip 

On Wednesday 3 April the Transition Years visited two of the most famous tourist attractions in Dublin, Croke Park and Kilmainham Jail. The lads kicked off the trip by attending the GAA Headquarters and they saw their clubs on the entrance walls outside the Croke Park Museum. They were then taken on the prolific Stadium Tour, during which they saw first-hand the players’ lounges, dressing rooms and warm-up areas. This was followed by another landmark visit, this time to Kilmainham Jail. The students witnessed the ruthless conditions that the 1916 Rising leaders were held in after they were captured. These were two very impressive tours that the lads enjoyed immensely. 


Green Schools Committee 

The Green Schools Committee held their Cycle/Walk to School Day on Wednesday 10 April. The aim of this event was to increase the number of students who cycle and walk to school to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The event was a major success – the number of students who walked to school doubled from the previous survey earlier in the year. Later in the day, the Green Schools Committee held the raffle for the students who took part in the event. Many thanks to the following businesses who sponsored the event by giving raffle prizes to the Green Schools Committee: 

  • The Camlin Barber 
  • Denniston Cycles 
  •  McDonald’s 
  • Spirit Clothing 

The school would also like to thank all students who participated in the event. Final thanks are given to Tiarnan McCusker from An Taisce Green Schools, Mr. Fay and the TY Green Schools Committee of Stephen O’Brien, Cole O’Connor, Gary Donnelly, Bobby Crillly and Máirtín Kenny, who spent a lot of time organizing the day and oversaw the running of the event. We hope that this is the first of many actions taken by the school to work towards maintaining a cleaner environment. 

Outdoor Pursuits Trip to Delphi Adventure Centre

The group will travel with Mr Garvey and Mr Quinn to Delphi in Co Mayo where they will experience Kayaking,Rock Climbing,Hill Walking etc. The group will stay over night.


Cycle Against Suicide Convention in Dublin 

Cycle Against Suicide Committee 


Strong life 


Tidy Towns 

College Awareness Week Committee 

Margaret Larkin 


Ploughing Championships Trip 

Volunteer For All Talk/Committee 

Foot Darts 

Team Bonding Workshop 

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Talk 



Tool and Plastics Tour 

School Notes/Media Committee



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