Supervision Policy

Supervision Policy
Legislation such as Health & Safety and Welfare at Work Act and ‘ Children First’ have placed a ‘duty of care’ and an accountability on schools.
The extent of the teachers ‘duty of care’ is to take care of his/her pupils as a careful parent would of his/her children. This legal principle is known as ‘in loco parentis’. The degree of the supervision required off the teacher will vary with the circumstances and the age of the child.
The policy is in keeping with the school ethos of providing a safe and secure environment for learning for all pupils and the wider community.
The aims of the policy are:
To develop a framework that effectively ensures, as far as practicable, the safety of the students in the classroom, on the corridor, while at play on the yard or while engaged in school related activities.
To contribute to effective school management and comply with relevant legislation.
School Procedures
A teacher should be present in class when students are present. If the class teacher needs to leave the classroom, another teacher should be asked to supervise.
Students are expected to walk on the corridors at all times and teachers are expected to monitor the corridors as they travel along them and immediately outside their classrooms.
It is the policy of the school to supervise the school yard at all times during regular breaks. The break times are 12-25pm to 1-25 pm daily except on Fridays when the break is 11-05am to 11-20am. The yard will also be supervised each morning from 8-50am to 9-05am and each evening from 4-05pm to 4-15pm.

The toilets are open for 10 mins at 11-05am and 2-45 pm and during this period supervision is in place also.

Accidents which occur on the yard should be documented and the supervisors on the yard will deal with minor injuries and more serious injuries will be dealt with by Senior Management.

A rota for Supervision is drawn up by the Deputy Principal in consultation with the Principal and is displayed on the notice board in the staffroom. The Supervision of the yard is covered by the S&S System. Teachers who are not available for their supervision must arrange cover from their colleagues.
The SNAs are on supervision during the formal breaks providing individual supervision for designated children. They can act in an observing and reporting capacity, bringing instances of misbehaviour to the attention of the teacher on yard duty. The schools Code of Behaviour and the Anti-Bullying Policy covers incidents of misbehaviour.
Success Criteria
Ensuring a safe environment for all children
Providing well organised and safe out of school activities.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on March 5th 2018
Signed by the Chairperson of the BOM Mr Conal Gibbons