St Mel’s Student on Inline Hockey Exchange


Congrats to 5th year student Melvin Voronkovas who will spend the the first two months of the new school year in Namibia on an inline hockey exchange programme. He will spend most of his time with the Coastal Pirates Inline Hockey Club in Swakopmund.

Melvin will be training with the club and will also have the opportunity to develop his coaching skills at the club.

Inline Hockey is played on roller skates and is more like ice hockey than field hockey as it is played in a rink with a flat puck and players use ice hockey like sticks.

Melvin recently represented the Ireland U-18 team at a tournament in Barcelona. No doubt the Uni Hockey played during PE classes will pose little challenge for Melvin on his return. 

All in the school wish Melvin well over the coming weeks as he lives the dream.