School Self Evaluation 2016-2020

School Self Evaluation 2017-2020
The School Self Evaluation Process is guided by ‘Looking at our School 2016’ to ensure that the most effective and engaging teaching and learning is taking place in our schools.
The areas chosen for School Self Evaluation should be chosen from the 4 Domains as set out in The Quality Framework for Post Primary Schools. These are

• Domain 1- Learner Outcomes

Students enjoy their Learning
Students have the necessary knowledge and skills
Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills
Students attain the stated Learning Outcomes for each subject

• Domain 2- Learning Experiences

Students engage in learning activities
Students grow as learners through interactions and experiences
Students reflect on their progress as learners
Students experience opportunities to develop skills for lifelong learning

• Domain 3- Teachers Individual Practice

The teacher has the knowledge of subject and pedagogy and classroom management
The teacher uses planning, preparation and assessment practices to progress student learning
The teacher uses teaching approaches appropriate to the learning intentions and to students learning needs.
The teacher responds to individual learning needs and differentiates teaching and learning activities.

• Domain 4- Teachers Collective & Collaborative Practice

Teachers value and engage in professional development
Teachers work together to devise learning opportunities for students
Teachers collectively develop Formative & Summative Assessments
Teachers share expertise to build whole school capacity

6 Step Process

1. Identify focus
2. Gather evidence
3. Analyse findings
4. Write Report and School Improvement Plan
5. Present to full staff and put into action
6. Monitor actions and evaluate impact

Areas identified for improvement in St Mel’s College 2016-2020

• Domain 1- Learner Outcomes-

Focus of SSE- Attendance as a contributing factor to students achievements as learners.

• Domain 2- Learner Experiences

Focus of SSE- Classroom management and Creation of a positive learning environment for students.

• Domain 3- Teachers Individual Practice

Focus of SSE- Teachers respond to individual Learning Needs and differentiates Teaching and Learning as necessary.

Focus on Learning support/EAL and strategies used by teachers.