School Calendar 2020-2021

School Calendar 2020/2021

  School Calendar 2020/2021


  School Calendar 2020/2021


Schedule of Return

Monday    31st   August 2020 Staff Day Croke Park Hours



Tuesday 1st September  2020

First Year Induction 9-00


12-25 finish

Staff Meeting 1-30pm-4pm


PDST-Teacher Wellbeing 2-4pm
Wednesday 2nd September 2020

First and Fifth Years 9-00


12-25 finish

Staff Development 1-30-4pm


Thursday 3rd September 2020 School open for all students except TY who start on Monday Sept 7th 2020.








Tuesday 1st   December


4-15pm- 6-45pm 6th  Year P.T.M.  
Wednesday 9th December 2020 4-15pm- 6-45pm 3rd Year P.T.M.  
Thursday 14th January 2021 4-15pm- 6-45pm 1st Year P.T.M.  
Thursday 28th  January 2021 4-15pm- 6-45pm 2nd Year P.T.M.  
Tuesday 23rd  February 2021 4-15pm- 6-45pm 5th Year P.T.M.  

Parent/Teacher Meetings













Parent Information Evenings

Tuesday 6th October 2020



First Year Parent Info Meeting  
Thursday 5th November 2020



Sixth Year Parent Info Meeting  
Thursday 4th March 2021

7.30 pm-9.30pm


Third Year Parents- Subject choice  
Tuesday 17th November 2020

7.00pm-10-00 pm


Sixth Class Parent/Student Info Meeting & Enrolment  



Staff Meetings

Monday 31st  August 2020 Croke Park Hours



Thursday 12th November 2020 4-15pm-6-15pm



Thursday 6th May 2021 4-15pm-6-15pm




Note these may change to In-Service /Subject Department Meetings/ School Dev Plan as needs arise.





Subject Department Meetings



Tuesday 1st September  2020



1-30pm – 4-00 pm





Monday 18th January 2021





Wednesday 21st  April  2021           4-15pm-6-15pm





Staff Development Meetings

Tuesday 1st September 2020 1-30pm- 4.00pm




Wednesday 23rd September 2020


Thursday 18th  March 2021












Note these may change to In-Service /Subject Department Meetings/ School Dev Plan as needs arise.


Leaving Cert Mass/Presentation  

Wednesday 26th  May  2021 8.00pm-10.00pm






Monday 26th October –  Friday 30th   October 2020 (incl.)



Halloween Mid-Term


Wednesday December 23rd December 2020 –Tuesday January 5th 2021. School re-opens on Wednesday January 6th 2021.

Christmas Holidays


Monday 15th February –  Friday 19th  February 2021 (incl.)

Mid-Term Break


Wednesday March 17th 2021

St Patrick’s Day


 Monday March 29th  2021 – Friday 9th April 2021 (incl.)

Easter Holidays


 May Bank Holiday Monday May 3rd  2021

Bank Holiday Weekend (school closed)


Friday June 4th  2021

Closes for Summer Holidays


  • There is one other school day to be taken as a holiday and this will be decided at the start of the new school year depending on circumstances.


Wednesday 9th  June 2021

State Exams commence





  1. Calendar subject to changes



St Mel’s College Exams Schedule 2020/2021




3rd/6th Years- Exams start Wednesday November 18th 2020


1st/2nd/5th Years- Exams start Tuesday December 1st 2020




Mock Leaving/Junior Cert Exams


Exams start on Monday & Tuesday 1st /2nd February 2021


Summer Exams 2021


5th Year exams start on Monday May 31st 2021


1st/2nd Year Exams start on Wednesday June 2nd 2021


(These dates may change depending on changing circumstances)