Statement of Strategy for School attendance

Statement of Strategy
for School Attendance

Name of school St Mel’s College

Address Longford Town, Longford
Roll Number 63750B
The school’s vision and values in relation to attendance Our school values the attendance of all our students at school at all times. We feel that attendance at school gives the students the opportunity to achieve their potential in all areas of school life.
The school’s high expectations around attendance Each year at our Awards we award students who have had a full attendance for the year and there are also awards for students who have full attendance in Junior Cert and also for the 5/6 years in the school. These awards help to motivate students to attend school and see attendance as an important part of their overall education.
How attendance will be monitored The school uses the VS Ware system in the school to take attendance and teachers take rolls in all classes. This gives us the opportunity to monitor attendance and also identify if students do not attend for a full day.
The Year Heads monitor attendance for their year and where students have a poor record of attendance contact is made with the home.
Summary of the main elements of the school’s approach to attendance:
• Target setting and targets
• The whole-school approach
• Promoting good attendance
• Responding to poor attendance • The target is to have at least 95 % attendance for all students in the school.
• All teachers are involved in attendance recording and they liaise with Management in the monitoring of attendance.
• Certificates are awarded for attendance at the Annual Awards
• Poor attendance is followed up with communication with the home and the EWO where necessary. We have a very active Pastoral Care team who meet on a regular basis and attendance and student welfare is high on the agenda at all meetings. Our school Chaplain in the absence of a Home School Liaison Officer calls to parents where a student’s attendance is poor.
School roles in relation to attendance The Year Heads and Senior Management monitor attendance in the school.
Partnership arrangements (parents, students, other schools, youth and community groups) The school works very closely with The Attic Youth Club and we encourage our students to be active in this club thus ensuring that students stay connected to their peers which helps them come into school. We also have established a Breakfast Club in the school and this ensures that students have a good breakfast daily and this also helps to promote attendance.
How the Statement of Strategy will be monitored The Statement of Strategy will be monitored by Senior management. All aspects of the strategy will be monitored throughout the year and stakeholders will be given the opportunity to give their views on the success or otherwise of the strategy.
Review process and date for review The main Stakeholders will be asked to contribute to the process and changes will be made where it is found necessary. The strategy will be reviewed at the final staff meeting of the year and afterwards at the final BOM meeting of the school year.
Date the Statement of Strategy was approved by the Board of Management 25/09/2017
Date the Statement of Strategy submitted to Tusla 27/09/2017