Mission Statement

  • Philosophy and Values

St. Mel's is a Catholic Diocesan College under a Board of Management, whose spiritual, academic, athletic and social programme is intended to enable male students to live a full, active, working Christian life. Our value system is based on mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy along with honesty and integrity in our dealings with one another. We promote an environment where each male student is valued for himself, supported in developing his full potential, learns self-discipline and personal responsibility and where misconduct can be reasonably seen as unacceptable.

  • Mission Statement

St. Mel’s College is a Catholic diocesan secondary school under the patronage of the Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, that is committed to providing an education for male students which, in co-operation with parents:

promotes the spiritual, moral, social and personal development of our male students;

strives for academic and sporting excellence in keeping with our inherited traditions,

fosters an inclusive, caring, Christian Community based on Gospel values,

where each person can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity,

nurtures and guides our male students in developing their potential and becoming responsible adults.

St. Mel’s Road, Longford, Co. Longford.
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