Accelerated reader

Accelerated reader

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As part of our school literacy development we are introducing the Accelerated Reader Programme for all 1st year students this year.

This is a reading programme tailored for each student aimed at improving their literacy and encouraging them to read.

Aims of the programme

  • Improve literacy and comprehension skills.
  • Develop a love of reading.
  • Increase students' reading age.

How it works

  • Students take an online reading test called a Star Reading Test. This gives a reading age for students and identifies the zone of proximal development (zpd) which guides students to read books targeted at their individual ability and allowing them to develop as readers.
  • The ZPD Levels are numbered and colour coded, making it easy to identify which books to choose from.
  • When a student has read a book, they then complete a short online quiz.
  • Each quiz allows us to track a student’s progress and helps to improve student’s literacy.
  • Students will receive a report on the quiz showing them how well they have done. Their teacher will also receive a report that will enable them to assist students in further reading choices.
  • Students earn points from their quizzes, and they can earn rewards.

Parents Role

  • Encourage your son to spend approximately 20 minutes reading each evening and sign his reading log. .
  • Encourage paired reading for reluctant readers.
  • Show an interest in your son's reading – ask what he is reading, who is the author, what her opinion is of the plot etc.
  • Read a book yourself – or read the same book, so you can compare your opinions.
  • Encourage your son to use the library.
  • Students will need to have their AR book in their bag at all times. Please encourage them to read and return books on time for the system to work.
Useful links
  • Click here to download a Parents’ Guide to Renaissance
  • Click here to learn more about Renaissance Home Connect
  • Click here to view Accelerated Reader FAQ's
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