November Exams-3rd & 6th Years Timetable


6th Year November Exam Timetable 2020.


Monday 16th November 2020.

9.00-10.00 am Maths

Geography  (D Rooney)

French (R Murphy)

German (P O’Connell)

Construction Studies (A Rowan)


Tuesday 17th November 2020.



Physics (E Collins)

Business (E Dempsey)

 Biology (I Murphy)

2.05-3.05pm English


Wednesday 18th November 2020.

10-11am Irish



Business (P McWeeney)

Chemistry (I Murphy)

Economics (J Gacquin)


Thursday 19th November 2020.




Design (D Cannon)

Accountancy (P McWeeney)

History  (S Murphy)

Biology (R Dolan)

Geography (E Corrigan)


Friday 20th November 2020.

9-10am Ag Sc. (R Dolan)
12.15-1.15pm Constructiion Studies (M Galvin)


3rd Year November Examinations 2020.

Monday 16th November.

10-11am Irish
12.15-1.15pm Science
2.05-3.05pm Geography (Ms Sweeney)


Tuesday 17th November.


Technology (A Rowan)

Woodwork ( M Galvin)



German (P O’Connoll)

French (R Murphy)

Business (C Clyne)

Business (J Boland)


Wednesday 18th November.



German (P O,Connoll)

French (M Hayden)

Business (P McWeeney)

Business (J Boland)

10-11am History (E Corrigan)
3.05-4.05pm Geography (R Laffan, D Rooney)


Thursday 19th November.

9-10am History (S Murphy, G Fay)
12.15-1.15pm Maths


Friday 20th November.


TG (D Cannon)

Woodwork (M Galvin)

12.15-1.15 English


Examinations will be conducted in teacher classrooms according to this timetable in as far as is possible.