Leaving Cert Subject Policy (Maths/English/Irish)  

Leaving Cert Maths/English/Irish  Policy

The Leaving Certificate Maths/English/Irish classes are formed at the start of 5th Year in consultation with the assigned Teachers and a record of results in the first 3 / 4 years in the school.

Depending on the numbers the classes split as follows

  • 1 Higher Level class, 2/3 Ordinary Level classes and a Learning Support/EAL class
  • 2 Higher Level classes, 1/2 Ordinary Level classes and a Learning Support/EAL class

As the students drop down from Higher Level to Ordinary Level the following policy is in place

  • The smaller of the Ordinary Level classes will receive the students coming down until the Ordinary Level classes are equal in number.
  • When the Ordinary Level classes have equal numbers then students will move to either class in rotation ( Every second student will be assigned to Class A or Class B ).
  • This will only occur when parents and teachers have signed the Transfer sheet and submitted it to the Principal/Dep Principal. This assignment is not negotiable .
  • In some cases where there are 2 Higher Level classes and there is a big demand to move to Ordinary Level as 5th Year/6th Year progresses then these two classes may be split into 1 Higher Level and 1 Ordinary Level class. This prevents the established Ordinary Level classes from becoming over crowded.
  • The Policy is designed to have a fair and equitable process in place for all students in the school.