Horticulture Trip with Brendan Farrell

Horticulture trip with Brendan Farrell:

On the 29th of November, St.Mel’s TY classes 4A and 4C were brought to Kellys Nursery, Moate. The two classes have been studying Horticulture since September. Our classes were accompanied to the Nursery by Brendan Farrell, a Horticulturist, former St.Mel’s teacher, Mr Jim Waldron and Mrs Keegan.

Brendan was very excited to show us the Nursery and he told us a little bit about the history of the Nursery. Brendan is a good friend of the owner of Kelly’s Nursery, Billy Kelly. Brendan couldn’t wait to show off his knowledge of the many different plants we seen. We learned that plants have two names, one in English and one in Latin. Our classes were informed by Brendan that some plants are named after famous people, like the Jeffersonia Diphilia is named after Thomas Jefferson.

Our classes have learned so much from this trip. Brendan is a well-informed teacher, and his love and passion for horticulture has been shown throughout all our lessons. His teaching methods are a lot more appealing to us as he allows us to get a more hands on experience in his field of horticulture and makes everyone gets involved with the lesson.