Hectic Schedule for TY Classes in 1st Term

The 1st term has been hectic for our TY classes as our coordinator Miss Dempsey has put together an exciting schedule of activities both inside and outside of the school which is full of variety and challenges the students to stray outside of their comfort zone. The students will benefit greatly from taking part in a full way in the activities provided and they will emerge with enhanced life skills at the end of the course.

An exciting set of activities is planned for after the Christmas break and the Drama group are hoping to put on ‘Alone it Stands’ in the Backstage Theatre in April/May. This play is based on the famous Munster win over the All Blacks in the late 1970s. We will keep you posted in the coming weeks and months.


stmels transition year 2019-2020


TY Trips Sept-Dec 2019   Activity Date
Greenway Bonding Trip Sep 5th
Alpha Every Monday 16th Sep to16th Dec
St Josephs September/October/November
National Ploughing Championships Sep 17th
Age Action Teaching IT to members of the community September – October
Golf Sept 18th to Oct 16th
Swimming Oct 23rd to Dec 11th
Photography TYA Sep 19th to Oct 24th TYB Nov 7th to Dec 19th
StrongLife TYA Nov 7th to Dec 19th, TYB Sep 19th to Oct 24th
Castlerea Prison TYA Sep 23rd, TYB Sep 25
Laurel Lodge September/October
Enterprise Talk 25th Sep
Shoutout Workshop 26th Sep
Cluedin Oct 1st
TYA Bike Safety 7th, 17th and 24th Oct
Zeminar 8th Oct
Hurling Blitz 10th Oct
Newby Chinese 15th Oct
Battle Of The Witts 22nd Oct
TYA Halloween Art Exhibition 24th Oct
Alpha All Day 4th Nov
35 Stars Leadership 12th and 13th Nov
CableComm Tour 14th Nov
Aware Life Skills TYB 18th Nov
Careers Event 20th Nov
Battle of the Witts Longford Final 21st Nov
Aware Life Skills TYA 25th Nov
Beat The Blues 21 Oct
Student Enterprise 27th Nov
Aware Life Skills TYB 2nd and 9th Dec
Dundrum on Ice 10th Dec
Sustainability Workshop 17th Dec
TY Christmas Cracker 18th Dec