Evening Study Policy



Supervised Study:           16.30 – 19.10 Monday – Thursday

                                                13.45 – 15.45 Friday

In order to facilitate students gaining the maximum benefit from supervised study the following will apply:

  • A record of attendance and any other information (e.g students’ punctuality, behaviour, etc) will be communicated to parents via email/text. Parents will be given a unique code for their child and they can track student’s attendance and timekeeping.


  • Students are expected to be punctual for all study periods. Arriving late disrupts other students’ concentration. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a student is late a note from parents/guardians will be required by the supervisor on duty. Students will not be permitted to leave study unless they have a signed note from parent.


  • Electronic equipment e.g. phones, ipods, ipads are not allowed in evening study until the second half of study at 18.10. Students who wish to use their devise soley for Google Classroom can do so after 18.10 provided they have parents’ consent signed below. Any students found not to be using this appropriately will lose this right.


  • Each student is expected to cooperate fully with the supervisor and normal school rules apply.


  • No eating after 5pm, communication between students is not allowed and trips to lockers are not possible in order to maintain a quiet environment.


  • Students are required to go to the toilet before study so that no interruptions occur.


  • Persistent poor time-keeping or refusal by a student to co-operate with his supervisor may lead to suspension or, in more serious cases, expulsion from supervised study. In this situation fees will be forfeited. Refunds are not available to students who drop out of study.






Student: Do you undertake to adhere to the following rules of study?  Yes □ No □


Student signature: __________________


Parent: Do you give permission for your son to use his mobile phone for educational purposes between 18.10 – 19.10?   Yes □ No □


Parent signature:___________________