Code of Expected Behaviour

Effective and meaningful implementation of our code requires full parental support and cooperation. The vast majority of our students behave in a positive and respectful manner from the time they first come to our school until they leave.

Every effort is made to create a positive and supportive learning environment and to reward and recognise individual and group effort, achievement and success.

This is done in class through praise and encouragement by teachers, in the daily announcements to the school community, in local papers and radio, school website at school assemblies and through school reports. Students respond positively to praise, encouragement, acknowledgement of effort and fair treatment. The vast majority of students accept the need for positive behaviour and good discipline.

Basic rules of good behaviour

The orderly functioning of our school as a community depends on the observance of certain basic rules of good behaviour, to which each of us must give a personal consent. Pupils are expected to:

  • Respect the proper authority of their Principal and teachers.
  • Apply themselves seriously to their homework, class work and studies.
  • Attend school and be punctual for class
  • Abide by school rules when representing the school in activities outside the school. (This applies to all school tours.)
  • Adhere fully to our school uniform code, by dressing neatly and wearing the prescribed uniform at all times.
  • Respect school property and that of their fellow students and their teachers.
  • Report any damage, deliberate or otherwise, to school authorities
  • Work with their teachers in creating a positive learning environment in all classes.
  • Respect the good name of the school both within and outside the school.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to be familiar with and uphold all rules, regulations and policies that our school promulgates to ensure that school is a safe and happy environment where people can learn together.