By Pass challenge

The Annual By Pass challenge 5K run was held today and it was a great success with a large number of students taking part. Thanks to Mr Garvey, Mr Quinn and all the other teachers who helped out with the organisation of the event and thanks also to the TY class members who donned the High Vis jackets to help supervise the event.
Thanks also to the Traffic section of Longford Garda for providing assistance on the day. The 5K was won by Cian o Nuallain in a remarkable time of 20mins.

Full Results
1st Place- Cian O Nuallain 5th Year
2nd Place- Ahmed Alsaleh 3B
3rd Place-Tomas Kraucis 3C

1st- Patrick Crossan 1B -Trip to Old Trafford
2nd- Sean McGoey 2B- 7” Tablet
3rd- Hanan Nadir 1C- Sports Voucher

Class 1B- Afternoon on the Astro Pitch
Best Sponsorship Card- Kevin Hough 2nd Yr