Arctic Conditions-Safety Plan in place in St Mel’s College

Safety Plan for St Mel’s College -Tues Dec 12th 2017
• Students are not allowed to run in any area of the school grounds.

• All students must follow designated passage ways. (Taped off )

• Students are not allowed on
1. Basketball Courts
2. Handball Alleys
3. Gravel Soccer Pitches
4. Sports Pitches

• Access to classrooms in the old building will be along the green corridor beside the school canteen.

• Access to classrooms in the Prefabs is only by designated routes.( Taped off)

• Students are not allowed outside taped off areas and must follow the instructions of school staff at all times.

• This Safety Plan has been put in place to provide a safe environment for all of our students and we need everyone’s co-operation to implement it successfully.

School Management.